Air Quality


Usage of this map and index constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions. The index is based on information from monitoring instruments at representative locations in each region. The index will not reflect local incidents of air pollution. Site-specific conditions may give a false index reading. The EPA is not liable for any consequences from decisions made based on this index.

Click on the map to show more information. Use the 'Show Monitoring Stations' tab to see the location of monitoring stations.


How to Use the Air Quality Index for Health

Step 1 Read ‘What are the short-term effects of air pollution?’  to see if you or your child is likely to be at risk from air pollution. Your doctor may also be able to advise you.


Step 2 Figure out which Air Quality Index for Health (AQIH) region you are in using the map or the list of regions. There are six regions:


Dublin City

Large Towns

Rural West

Cork City

Small Towns

Rural East


Step 3 Check the AQIH for your region on the AQIH map if you think you may be at risk, and are planning strenuous activity outdoors such as sports. If you are close to the border of another AQIH region, check the AQIH for that region also.


Step 4 Read the health advice messages for the current AQIH for your region.


 For detailed instructions and information on the AQIH please see the webpage Air Quality Index for Health.