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Air Quality Index for Health Map.

The map below is coloured based on current air quality index for health (AQIH) staus (see legend below). Click on a monitoring stations to show more information and live data where available. Click here for a list of stations

This map updates every two to five minutes with the most up-to-date calculated Air Quality Index for Health (AQIH) for each station. 

 legend 2020 AQIH

If a station is blue  blue dot   it means that it is a non-automated station and data will only be available following laboratory analysis.

If a station displays no colour (grey) there may be an instrument or communication issue associated with it or it may be undergoing planned maintenance/upgrade.

The triangle symbols b triangle2 image from map on the map relate to the Local Monitoring Network. These give an indication of air quality. The tab to turn on the local layer is on the top right hand side of the map.

As well as viewing the AQIH for the station closest to your home you can select to view the AQIH for your region on the map. The tab to turn on the region layer is on the top right hand side of the map.

A list of all the monitoring stations is available here

Detailed information on the AQIH is available at Air Quality Index for Health. All historical EPA air quality data can be downloaded from the Air Quality Archive

All EPA air quality reports and the latest air quality bulletin can be viewed and downloaded at Reports and Bulletins. For Further details on this legislation please see Air Quality Standards.

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