€7 million in research funding announced by EPA- Putting knowledge into action on Climate, Water and Sustainability

Date released: Jun 27 2014

€7 million in research funding announced by EPA
- Putting knowledge into action on Climate, Water and Sustainability

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), today launched its new research programme, open to researchers and companies, which will support positive and pragmatic research into the issues that affect us and our environment.  The EPA also announced that €7 million is to be made available under the programme’s first funding call in the areas of Climate, Water and Sustainability, released today.

The EPA research programme will run to 2020 and will involve as many as 600 researchers and industrial innovators over its lifetime.

 Dara Lynott, Deputy Director General of the EPA, said,

“The quality of our environment is critical to our wellbeing.  EPA funded research will help us to make better choices to achieve a sustainable future, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and manage our water resources.”

Dr. Brian Donlon, EPA Research Manager said,

“While tackling important environmental challenges, our recent experience has shown that good research also provides substantial potential for the creation of business opportunities and jobs in Ireland. During the lifetime of the EPA research programme we will collaborate with enterprise agencies to identify innovative environmental solutions that could support the growth of the green economy.”

A combination of projects will be funded through the programme ranging from short desk studies to large multi-annual capability development projects involving several organisations. New aspects to the proposed research programme include:

  1. Funding for bottom-up research ideas aimed at environmental issues; 
  2. Piloting of innovations in the area of citizen-centric public services; 
  3. Innovative use of social networks to influence the behaviours needed to enable Ireland to become a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy and society; 
  4. Greater use of co-funding with national and international partners on shared research priorities.

Dr. Brian Donlon continued,

“This programme will build upon the success of previous research programmes through which over 800 researchers have delivered high-quality scientific evidence that informs policy, identifies pressures and develops solutions for environmental issues. These researchers are now in a position to compete for European research funding under the Horizon 2020 programme.”

Details are available on-line on the EPA research pages.
Strategy: EPA Research Strategy 2014–2020
Funding call:  http://bit.ly/EPA2014Call

Notes to Editor

EPA Research Programme 2014–2020

EPA Research Programme 2014–2020 comprises three pillar areas: Climate, Water and Sustainability.

Climate research is about informing actions on, and improving engagement with, the diverse challenges posed by climate change under four areas: (i) Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks; (ii) Ireland’s Future Climate, Its Impacts and Adaptation Options; (iii) Socio-economic and Technological Solutions; and (iv) Air Science. It also aims to identify and advance opportunities that arise from addressing these challenges.

Water research is about supporting relevant water policy and protecting our water environment, contributing to achieving excellent water quality in Ireland, and is organised under five areas: (i) Safe Water; (ii) Ecosystem Services and Sustainability; (iii) Innovative Water Technologies; (iv) Understanding, Managing and Conserving our Water Resources; and (v) Emerging and Cross-cutting Issues.

Sustainability research is about achieving a high quality of life in a resource-efficient Ireland, and is organised under four areas: (i) Resource Efficiency; (ii) Health and Wellbeing; (iii) Socio-economics; and (iv) Natural Capital and Ecosystems.

Environmental Protection through Research report:

The summary report Environmental Protection through Research published in late 2013 outlines the significant support that EPA-funded research has provided to environmental policy development and implementation through generating evidence and knowledge. It also sets out the critical role that research plays in environmental protection through identifying pressures on the environment and developing novel solutions to complex environmental problems.

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