Photo from EPA Air Monitoring Site

Further Project Information

As such, the main objectives are summarized as follows:

  1. Implementation and customization of the LIFE ATMOSYS air quality modelling system, allowing a better understanding of Irish air quality with:
    • an operational 3-day ambient air quality forecasting system, to inform the public of the predicted air quality in the coming days, allowing them and the Irish authorities to take appropriate short-term actions during alerted episodes;
    • near-real-time (NRT) air quality maps to provide more detailed information to the public, and allow future integration of low-cost sensor monitoring data;
    • annual average high-resolution air pollutant maps, providing detailed air pollution assessment, reliable health impacts, and meeting current/future reporting needs; and
      - customization of the air quality dashboard for internal/external use.
  2. Empower the regional and local authorities responsible for air quality action plans, with improved innovative tools and information regarding air pollution sources and hotspots, to ensure that cost-effective measures are taken.
  3. Strengthen awareness-raising amongst the public, policymakers and stakeholders regarding the sources of air pollution, the negative health effects and how effective measures can be implemented.
  4. Encourage more dialogue between Irish stakeholders on the topic of air pollution, and transboundary international cooperation with neighbouring regions.

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