EPA publishes latest National Priority Sites for Enforcement List

Date released: April 18, 2019

The EPA has published the latest National Priority Sites List for Enforcement today. 

  • Five sites are on the latest list for failing to meet the necessary environmental standards.  These companies face further enforcement action from the EPA to secure compliance.
  • Three sites are new to the list.  Six sites have come off the previous list published in January following improvements in compliance.
  • The five sites represent less than 1 per cent of industrial sites licensed by the EPA but account for 21 per cent of complaints received.

The following are the National Priority Sites for October 2018 to March 2019.  The EPA will update the National Priority Sites list on a quarterly basis.

Reg. No. Licence NameCountyReason on list
P0812-01 Arrow Group  Kildare Noise and odour complaints
P0969-02 Euroflex Teoranta  Donegal Emissions to air and waste management
P0831-01 Western Brand Group Ltd Mayo Wastewater management
W0022-01 East Cork Landfill Site  Cork Landfill gas and leachate management
P0110-02 Arran Chemical Company Ltd Roscommon Emissions to air and groundwater

Further details of the National Priority Sites scoring system and the list of sites can be found on the EPA website.

Enforcement information on all sites can be found under the Licence Search pages of the website.

Complaints about licensed sites can be made on-line or by contacting the EPA at 053-9160600.

Notes to Editor

Licensed facilities are identified as National Priority Sites for enforcement using a system developed by the EPA.  Points are allocated to each site based on compliance data such as complaints, incidents and non-compliances over the previous six months.  Sites which exceed a certain threshold become a National Priority Site and are targeted by the EPA for further enforcement action.

The National Priority Sites for Enforcement system was launched by the EPA in July 2017 to drive further environmental compliance at industrial and waste facilities. 

The six sites which have come off the previous National Priority Site List having improved their compliance are:

  • Saint-Gobain Construction Products Ireland Ltd (Licence number P0519-03)
  • CG Power Systems Ireland Ltd (P0106-02)
  • Glanbia Foods Ireland Ltd (P1028-01)
  • C & F Automotive Ltd (P0690-03)
  • Starrus Eco Holdings Limited (Munster) (W0136-03)
  • Rosderra Irish Meats (P0180-02)