EPA Climate Change Lecture: Direct the Money- How does finance drive a climate neutral economy and society?

Date released: February 23, 2021

In this public lecture, Dr Dunlop will discuss the relationship between finance and climate change. In particular, the role that finance will play in transforming our world over the next decade to halt the increase of carbon emissions will be discussed. This will include how finance can begin the slow process of reversing climate change and help us to live with the consequences of climate impacts that we have already triggered.

Dr Dunlop commented:

“Finance is one of the most powerful levers for change we have - it is central to the ‘radical transitions’, called for by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is the key to unlocking transformative opportunities on local and global scales to deal with those transitions”.

Laura Burke, EPA Director General said,

“The EPA is delighted to have Kirsten Dunlop speak on this extremely important topic. Finance is central to driving change at speed and scale while building economic and social systems that are fit for purpose. Public and private finance are both a necessary support and catalyst for climate action as we move away from our reliance on fossil fuels for energy, transport and heat. Public investment must provide leadership across all sectors and can encourage and leverage further investment from private sources in the technologies and the infrastructure that will support lower greenhouse gas emissions.”

This free event requires registration and tickets can be booked at https://ti.to/epa/climate-change-lecture-series . The event will also be live streamed at https://crowdcomms.com/epaclimatelecture to all who register.

All enquiries should be addressed to climatelecture@gowest.ie. 
People can also follow the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #ClimateLecture2021.

Further information: Niamh Hatchell/ Emily Williamson, EPA Media Relations Office 053-9170770 (24 hours) or media@epa.ie

Notes to Editor

The EPA, as part of the National Dialogue on Climate Action will host a public lecture titled:  "Direct the Money: how does finance become an enabler of a climate neutral economy and society?.”

The event will focus on:

  1. The relationship between climate change and finance;
  2. The role of finance in enabling a climate neutral economy and society; and
  3. The opportunities for public and private finance in Ireland under the shift to investment in climate neutrality and resilience.

A successful transition to a climate neutral economy will require a divestment from and lock down of fossil fuels, and re-direction of investment towards ‘green growth’. This offers opportunities for development and employment, which have wider economic and societal benefits.  The energy transition is crucial. This requires the shift of finance away from fossil fuels and their support systems to sustainable solutions.

Financial flows will need to come through both public and private investment to achieve the climate neutral transition. Every investment in the transition represents a business opportunity for a green entrepreneur to provide a good or service. For example, green solutions are emerging at the retail end of banking nationally. This needs to be accelerated so that finance is also available to small businesses and individuals to invest in the low carbon transition for themselves.

For all who register, the event will be available to live stream at: https://crowdcomms.com/epaclimatelecture

Title:  Direct the Money: how does finance become an enabler of a climate neutral economy and society

About the Speaker: Dr Kirsten Dunlop is CEO of EIT Climate-KIC. Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest agency focused on climate innovation, funded by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology and a number of other impact-focused funders – including Irish Aid. Prior to taking up this position, she worked with the Australian finances conglomerate Suncorp where she founded and led a division focused on managing and respond to strategic risk through innovation, transforming core business and industry models from within. Dr Dunlop is also one of 16 experts at the Economic and Societal Impact of Research and Innovation (ESIR) expert group, providing independent advice on how future EU research and innovation policy can best support sustainable development and the Von Der Leyen Commission’s priorities.

Date/Time: Wednesday 24th February 2021. Event opens 7.15pm and concludes 8.30pm