New Website Helps People Make Informed Environmental Choices

Date released: June 01, 2021

  • EPA’s new website ( provides targeted, timely, trusted information on Ireland’s environment.
  • Environment & You section highlights the key actions that can be taken by the people of Ireland to protect our environment. Key areas covered are waste, drinking water, radon, air quality and climate change.


1st June 2021: In the lead up to World Environment Day on the 5th June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched its new website Providing accurate and trusted information, the new website makes it easier for people to become more involved in protecting our environment. According to recent surveys on Irish people’s attitudes to the environment, 57 per cent of people in Ireland are extremely worried about environmental issues and 80 per cent of Irish people reported taking action to help the environment. Responding to this, the new Environment & You section features practical advice on what actions you can take in your home or in your community on areas such as waste, drinking water, radon, air quality and climate change.


Commenting on the launch, EPA Director General Laura Burke said:

“The upcoming World Environment Day offers us all an opportunity to reflect on our impact on the environment. The EPA’s new Environment & You section is designed to highlight key actions that we can all take to become more eco-friendly and provides easy-to-read information on key environmental issues.


The development of a new EPA website was a strategic priority for the EPA.  The aim is to provide accessible information and enable people to make informed choices for themselves, their families, their communities and their businesses.”


The new website is mobile-friendly and designed to provide high quality, targeted and timely environmental data, plus assessments and evidence to inform decision-making by citizens, businesses and Government. In this way the EPA continues to engage the public in the protection and improvement of the environment.


EPA Senior Communications Officer, Ian Brunswick, said:

“Our homes, and the choices we make, influence our health and well-being, and that of our family and neighbours. Choices such as the fuel we use, the water we drink, how we manage our waste, the chemicals we use in our homes and gardens - these all impact our environment and our health.

The new EPA website covers simple actions that individuals, groups, communities and businesses can take to both save money and improve their environment. Every topic section has key actions people can take, like Top Five Ways to Reduce Food Waste, or Take Action on Air Quality.  These can assist people to improve their local environment and be a positive influence for a better future.”


Visit to find out what simple actions you can take and small changes you can make to help protect your environment.



Further information: Emily Williamson, EPA Media Relations Office: 053-91 70770 (24 hours) and