EPA Grants Restricted Licence to T & J Standish

Date released: Mar 09 2006

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted a restricted licence to T & J Standish (Roscrea) Limited, which requires the company to cease the operation of the two vacuum pressure treatment units at the site (tanalisers).  Additional licence requirements include: 

  • Infrastructure: The company must put in place specific items of infrastructure aimed at preventing environmental pollution.
  • Remediation: The company must remove contaminated sediment from the River Fuarawn and may not recommence activity until it has been restored to the satisfaction of EPA.
  • EPA approval: The company must obtain prior agreement from the EPA before recommencing the operation of the tanaliser units.
  • Independent Supervision: The EPA will have its own independent agent on site while this work is being carried out.  Other unrelated activities may continue on site.

T & J Standish (Roscrea) Limited has been the subject of a number of environmental complaints.  Having assessed the licence application and all information available, the Board of EPA is satisfied that adherence to the licence conditions will ensure that the sawmill can be operated on site without causing environmental pollution.  The EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement will vigorously enforce this licence to ensure that health and the environment are protected in this locality. 

Related documentation is available for download from the licensing section of the EPA web site.



The Environmental Protection Agency granted an Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licence to T & J Standish (Roscrea) Ltd. in February 1998.   As part of an extensive and on-going investigation, in January 2003 the EPA carried out monitoring on the site. The findings indicated that there was historical contamination of groundwater and surface water on site.

In order to deal with this new information, the EPA commenced a review of the existing licence.  The proposed decision to grant a review of the licence was issued on 20th May 2005.

The EPA successfully prosecuted T & J Standish on 5th December 2005 for non-compliance with the IPC licence.  Details of this prosecution are available from the prosecution section of the EPA website.