Air Quality Monitoring Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Date released: Apr 22 2008

See real time air quality data for Knocklyon, Dublin 16, now available on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website.  This work is part of an on-going comprehensive assessment of air quality in Ireland.  

The EPA began assessing air quality in Knocklyon on 11th April 2008 using an EPA mobile laboratory positioned in the premises of St Columcille’s Community School.   The assessment will take place over a period of approximately six months and concentrations of the following substances in air will be measured:

  • Oxides of nitrogen
  • Sulphur Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Lead
  • PM10

The European Union’s recent directive on air quality has established the concept that each country should be divided into zones for the purpose of assessing and managing air quality. Ireland is divided into four zones; Dublin (A), Cork (B), selected population centres >15,000 population (C) and non-urban areas (D).

Knocklyon is in Zone A of the country. The EPA is using mobile air quality laboratories to carry out assessments of air quality around the country.  During each assessment, concentrations in air of the substances listed above are measured and compared to limit values set out in the European Union’s recent framework directive. A report is produced after each assessment.

The EPA gratefully acknowledges the assistance of South Dublin County Council and St. Columcille’s Community School.