Noise research in Ireland

Noise and health

The EPA has commissioned a three-year research project Noise and Health Evidence from Ireland that will provide a detailed review of the relationship between environmental noise and health/wellbeing. This research will provide a national estimate of the burden of disease from environmental noise in disability-adjusted-life-years (DALYs). It is led by University College Dublin (UCD) and the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

The aim is to combine noise modelling and health data to examine contributory relationships between noise exposure and health/wellbeing outcomes. The final report is due to be published in 2021. Find out more at Noise and Health.


Round 4 Strategic noise mapping

A two-year research project, Transitioning to Strategic Noise Mapping under CNOSSOS-EU, (new common noise methodologies) for Round 4 noise mapping has been completed. The final report will be published in 2021. Find out more at Noise-Adapt Ireland.