EPA Research Call 2022

The EPA is seeking innovative research proposals in response to 48 research topics under 8 overarching themes. With up to €11.7 million available for new research projects, the funding will be provided under the four EPA Research 2030 interconnected research hubs.

The indicative timeframe is as follows:

  • Call opening: Thursday 14th April 2022 (11:00 GMT)
  • Technical queries deadline: Wednesday 25th May 2022 (17:00 GMT)
  • Submission deadline: Wednesday 1st June (17:00 GMT)
  • Approval deadline: Wednesday 8th June 2022 (17:00 GMT)

All queries must be submitted to research@epa.ie

View the Webinar for Applicants on YouTube

This Webinar was held on the 4th May 2022 for potential applicants of the EPA Research call 2022 and covered:

  • Overview of the EPA Research Call 2022
  • Application Process and Timelines
  • Application Guidance
  • Financial Rules and Eligibility
  • Q&A

View the webinar slides on Slideshare

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Application Process

Applications must be made online using the EPA's Grant Management and Application portal. You will also need to refer to the following documentation, which is available to download from the EPA’s Online Grant Management and Application Portal or from the EPA website:

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Call closing date: Wednesday 1st June 2022 at 17:00 GMT. Approval deadline: Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 17:00 GMT

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The FAQ's list here provides an answer to popular questions we are asked.

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Popular FAQ's

  • Why are Green Enterprise grant awards subject to De Minimis State Aid rules

    The Green Enterprise Programme provides funding of up to €100,000 to undertakings through state resources which provides an advantage to those undertakings and has the potential to distort competition. The scheme does not fall within the scope of the Global Block Exemption Regulation. Therefore the scheme is administered under De Minimis.

  • Can I apply for funding if I am Post Doc Researcher on a temporary contract?

    To be eligible to apply you would need to have a contract of employment with the Host Organisation at the time of application. If the application is successful and selected for funding you would then need to have a contract of employment in place with the same Host Organisation for the duration of the Research Project. Please note that all applications for EPA funding have to be approved by the research office of the Host Institution.

  • Is this call expecting the creation of new methods and tools or the adaption/prioritisation of existing tools?

      No - we need this project to assess what is done elsewhere and to propose options for Ireland to consider. In Ireland, we have some tools recently developed to identify water bodies with hydromorphological deviation from unimpacted. In other jurisdictions regulations have been developed that consider the hydromorphological impact and build mitigation into the regulatory controls e.g. to mitigate the impact of an impoundment.

    1. Is it mandatory for all four water body settings to be included under this project and does the call expect the prioritisation of inland water bodies

      Yes, all must be considered. Hydromorphology is a supporting element for all surface waters. Ultimately, very few coastal waters are impacted by hydromorphology, but even transitional waters are impacted e.g. by flood defences alongside the more obvious rivers and lakes.

    2. Is the call seeking linkages of hydromorphological methods/tools and regulations across these the four water body types?

      There is no regulation relating to hydromorphology in Ireland. This project is to provide supporting information, and to identify practice elsewhere in relation to hydromorphology regulations and how they are used e.g. in planning development, through regulation of abstractions, drainage, flood defence etc.