EPA Research Fast-Track to Policy Funding


Research plays an important role in generating evidence to inform the design and implementation of effective and robust environmental policy. Fast-Track to Policy Funding aims to deliver rapid-turn-around evidence reviews to address urgent and emerging policy questions.

The EPA’s Research Framework, EPA Research 2030, is designed to be agile, responsive and flexible to support research projects that will provide timely evidence for policy- and decision-making. While most projects will be funded through the EPA’s annual competitive research call, it is recognised that environmental policy is rapidly developing with new and important issues emerging. Fast-Track to Policy Funding is employed to deliver short-term, evidence-based research studies (e.g., evidence synthesis, review of policies and best practices), where an urgent policy need is demonstrated.

Research Project Proposals

Project proposals may be suggested by Departments and Agencies of the Government of Ireland and must be submitted using the template, which is available upon request from research@epa.ie. Project proposals will be required to demonstrate their suitability for inclusion in the scheme.

Research Project Funding

Fast-Track to Policy Funding will be issued to deliver selected research projects in line with public procurement guidelines. Project funding will be limited to supporting short-term, evidence-based research studies.


Fast-track to Policy Funding
Type of Project Short-term evidence-based research study
Indicative Timeline 3-9 months (maximum 12 months)
Indicative Budget Up to €49,500 (excl. VAT)
Outputs Short Summary Evidence Report, published by the EPA, and any other specific deliverables included in the request.

Previously  Funded Projects



Circular Bioeconomy Ireland – This report provides an outlook for Ireland’s circular bioeconomy for the period 2030–2050, highlighting the potential to create economic, environmental and social opportunities for new biobased innovations. View the Evidence Synthesis Report

soil policy Ireland cover

A Signpost for Soil Policy in Ireland - This study aimed to generate an accessible evidence base to support the development of new policy on soil and to enable Ireland to meet its commitments to both national and EU soil strategies. View the Evidence Synthesis Report