Towards EPA Research 2030

EPA Research 2030 was developed following an extensive consultation process in 2020. 

This process included: 

Public consultation on the draft EPA Research 2030 Framework 

In November 2020, the EPA opened a public consultation to receive comments on the draft EPA Research 2030 Framework. The closing date for submission was the 6th January 2021View more details in relation to the public consultation. 

EPA Research 2030 thematic hubs virtual workshop 

The EPA held a virtual workshop as part of its consultation for EPA Research 2030 – A Framework for Research Programming on the 28th October 2020.  

The main objective of the workshop was to discuss the key research priorities for 2021-2023 to be considered by the EPA Research 2030 Programme under its four interconnected research hubs: 

  • Addressing the climate change evidence needs 
  • Delivering a healthy environment 
  • Protecting and restoring our natural environment 
  • Facilitating a green and circular economy 

All presentations are available to view on the EPA Research playlist on YouTube

Online survey (January 2020) 

In January 2020, the EPA launched an Online Survey seeking feedback and comments on the proposed directions of the EPA Research Programme post 2020. 295 submissions were received.