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EPA Industrial and Waste Licence Enforcement Report 2018

Year: 2019

This report focuses on the enforcement of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) industrial and waste licensed facilities in 2018 by the EPA's Office of Environmental Enforcement.

Online Publication of Keystone Enforcement Documents

Year: 2015

This EPA Guidance Document sets out the details of the EPA’s Public Access to Information initiative whereby additional selected “Keystone Enforcement Documents” are published on the Licence Details page of the EPA’s website. These documents include Licensee Self-Monitoring Reports and EPA Site Visit Reports. Guidance is provided on how the EPA Licence holder may submit a Licensee Public Response to the EPA Site Visit Report.

Licensee Public Response Template

Year: 2015

This is a suggested template for licensees when making a Public Response to a Site Visit.

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Interim status report on the Assessment of Emissions to Air at ENVA Ireland Limited, Portlaoise

EPA Licence Reg. No. WO184-01 , May 2015

Year: 2015

This interim status report outlines the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) review of air emissions from the ENVA Ireland Ltd. facility in Portlaoise.

Supporting document for the determination of diffuse methane from landfill sites

Year: 2003

Summary of different techniques used to determine diffuse methane from landfill sites