Guidance on Fire Safety at Non Hazardous Waste Transfer Stations

Summary: In recent years, some serious fires have taken place at waste transfer stations (WTS). Fires at WTS have the potential to be very serious events, posing risk to life and presenting hazards to the local community and the environment. They can also be very costly. The growing incidence of fires has prompted the development of Guidance on Fire Safety at Non Hazardous Waste Transfer Stations.

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Published: 2013

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In 2016, conditions were inserted into selected non-hazardous waste facility licences requiring the completion of a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). Guidance on Fire Risk Assessment for NonHazardous Waste Facilities sets out the scope of what the FRA should consider.

A presentation on prevention of fires at waste transfer stations was given at the EPA Waste Workshop on 24th October 2013.

EPA Guidance Note to Industry on Fire Water Retention Facilities is available for download.

Additional guidance by other regulatory authorities is available at the following link:

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