Carbon Dioxide EPA Emission Factors 2023

Country Specific Net Calorific Values and Carbon Dioxide Emission Factors for use in the Annual Installation Emissions Report.

Summary: Tables showing fuel factors for calculating carbon dioxide emissions

Published: 2023

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Subject to revision, the following factors may be used for calculating CO2 emissions for 2023 only. They are based on Ireland’s Specific Emission Factors used in the 2021 National Inventory reported to UNFCCC, unless otherwise stated. Please note that this table may be updated at anytime as new information becomes available.

The operator must ensure that the most recent version of this table is used when calculating CO2 emissions for submission in the verified Annual Installation Emissions Report.  Please take note of the additional requirements for natural gas volume and net calorific value (TJ/Nm3).

Please also note that the conversion factor to convert from gross to net calorific value may change year to year for Natural Gas.