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Assessment of Impact of Ammonia and Nitrogen on Natura sites from Intensive Agriculture Installations 2023

Year: 2023

This document provides instructions for applicants on how to assess the predicted impact of air emissions on Natura 2000 sites, as part of licence applications from the intensive agriculture sector.

Application Prioritisation Scoring System

Year: 2022

This document outlines the OES-ELP application prioritisation scoring system for IED, IPC and Waste Licensed installations

Instruction note and screening tool for the assessment of odour emissions from Intensive Agriculture pig installations

Year: 2022

This instruction note provides a methodology to applicants on how to predict and assess odour emissions from intensive agriculture pig rearing installations. The methodology includes an excel based screening tool, which can be used in conjunction with the instruction note. The screening tool is available to download on this page. Please note that Excel version 2007 or higher is required to run the tool without loss of functionality.

Parent Company Guarantee Template and Associated Documents

Year: 2022

This parent company guarantee template, and associated templates below, are generally acceptable to the EPA. The templates are specific to the EPA's particular requirements and may not be suitable for other purposes. Accordingly, any party intending to use the templates should seek their own legal advice. A Financial Strength Assessment of the parent company needs to be completed first before proceeding with a PCG.

Advise Notice on large scale EG operation

Operation of emergency generation plant by large energy users Information note from the Environmental Protection Agency December 2021, December 2021

Year: 2021

On-line application form templates

Year: 2021

On-line application form templates for use by IE/IPC/Waste applicants

Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance [EILI]

Year: 2020

Whilst there is no specific EPA template for EILI policies, these documents provide guidance on EILIs as an acceptable financial instrument for potential liabilities from incidents:

Newspaper notice guidance for IPC applicants

Year: 2020

guidance for IPC applicants on the content of Newspaper notices

Newspaper notices - guidance for applicants

Year: 2020

Guidance for Industrial Emissions licence applicants re newspaper notices

Site Notice guidance for applicants

Year: 2020

A site notice for the application to the EPA for a Licence / Application

BAT Guidance Note - Intensive rearing or poultry or pigs

Year: 2020

Guidance Note on BAT Conclusions for Intensive Rearing of Poultry or Pigs

BAT Guidance Note - Food, drink and milk

Year: 2020

Guidance Note on vertical BREF which addresses activities for the treatments and processes intended for the manufacture of food products

BAT Guidance Note - Slaughterhouses and Animal By-Product

Year: 2020

Guidance Note on vertical BREF which addresses activities for the slaughter of animals and activities for the disposal or recycling of animal carcases and animal waste

BAT Guidance Note - Industrial Cooling Systems

Year: 2020

Guidance Note on horizontal BREF which addresses Industrial Cooling Systems across a range of industries

First Schedule to the EPA Act 1992 as amended

Year: 2020

This Schedule is an extract from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Act 1992 as amended, listing the activities that require an Industrial Emissions licence (highlighted in blue) or an IPC licence

Guidance Note to Industry on Fire Water Retention Facilities

Year: 2019

A guidance document for operators of sites licenced by the EPA in relation to firewater retention requirements for firewater run-off. The 'Firewater Run-Off Tool' is also available underneath,

How to open and respond to an EPA notice issued to EDEN

Year: 2018

EPA guidance document on how to open and respond to an EPA notice issued to EDEN.

EPA information note issued 18 April 2018

Year: 2018

This information note is issued as a follow up to the information note issued on the 26/06/17.

Instructions on making an online submission

Year: 2017

Instructions on making an online submission October 2017

Online Application Form - Attachment 10.1 Signature Stamp

Year: 2017

Online Application Form - 10.1 Signature Stamp