Analysis of Existing Air Quality Monitoring Stations in the National Ambient Air Quality Network

Report by Ricardo Energy & Environment for the EPA Ambient Air Quality Unit

Summary: Analysis of existing air quality monitoring stations in the national ambient air quality monitoring network, compilation and reporting of metadata

Published: 2018

ISBN: Ref: ED62663- Issue 5

Pages: 54

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Format: pdf


Ricardo Energy & Environment were commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency to carry out an assessment of the National Ambient Air Quality Network with regard to metadata requirements specified in the Air Quality Directive (2008/50/EC) and the Implementing Provisions for Reporting (IPR) guidance documents. This report summarises the information collected at each monitoring station and includes a commentary on the networks compliance with Directive requirements. From the field surveys, it was not possible to assess monitoring requirements in relation to the 4th Daughter Directive (2004/107/EC) but subsequently we have been informed that these were carried out in accordance with European Standard Methods.