CORINE 2012 Infosheet

Year: 2015

CORINE 2012 has been released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this is an update in the CORINE data series. It is produced by the EPA for the European Environment Agency. This is a national landuse landcover dataset for 2012 produced at a 25 hectare resolution.

Dioxin Levels in the Irish Environment 2014 - raw data

Dioxin Levels in the Irish Environment 2014 - raw data, September 2014

Year: 2014

Raw data for dioxins 2014 - see 2014 Annual Air Quality Report for full report on dioxin survey 2014.

cover for Askeaton Report

Investigations of Animal Health Problems at Askeaton, County Limerick

Year: 2013

The five-volume report (plus a Summary document) gives an account of the investigations into animal health problems in the Askeaton area of Co. Limerick, carried out in the period 1995—1998. The volumes are as follows: Main Report (and Summary); Animal Health; Soil, Herbage, Feed & Water; Human Health; Environmental Quality.

Report cover

Ireland's Environment 2012 - An Assessment

Year: 2013

Ireland's Environment 2012 provides an integrated assessment of the overall quality of Ireland's environment, the pressures being placed on it and the societal responses to current and emerging environmental issues.

Protocol for the Investigative Approach to Serious Animal/Human Health Problems

Year: 2013

The protocol outlines details of a system for investigating serious animal and human health problems which may arise and for which explanations are not readily obvious.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) And Climate Change: Guidance For Practitioners

Year: 2013

This leaflet explains how climate change issues can be considered in strategic environmental assessment (SEA), with particular reference to the requirements of European Directive 2001/42/EC (the "SEA Directive"). It explains what climate change impacts are and how they can be described, predicted and addressed.

Synthesis Report On Developing A Strategic Environmental Assessment (Sea) Methodologies For Plans And Programmes In Ireland

Year: 2013

To successfully implement the SEA Directive requirements, plan-makers need to apply best practice techniques where possible. This should be part of an overall approach that makes it easy to comply with the SEA Directive and which also promotes sustainable development. This project aims to develop an SEA methodology that meets these goals.

SEA Process Checklist - Consultation Draft

Consultation Draft of the EPA's SEA Process Checklist to assist in undertaking a full SEA, January 2013

Year: 2013

Consultation Draft of the Environmental Protection Agency's SEA Process Checklist to assist in undertaking a full SEA

Review of the Effectiveness of SEA in Ireland - Regional Planning Guidelines Executive Summary

Year: 2012

Executive summary of the findings of the national study to determine the effectiveness of SEA in Ireland related to the Regional Planning Guidelines. Recommendations are put forward in relation to guidance, training & awareness, data collection/provision & sharing and governance and legislation.

Review of the Effectiveness of SEA - Regional Planning Guidelines

This is the report of the review of effectiveness review of SEA in Ireland in relation to the Regional Planning Guidelines., December 2012

Year: 2012

Findings of the review of the effectiveness of SEA in Ireland in relation to the Regional Planning Guidelines

SEA Effectiveness Review in Ireland - Action Plan 2012-16

Year: 2012

Through the National SEA (Environmental Authority) Technical Forum the 5 SEA statutory environmental authorities in Ireland have jointly developed an SEA Action Plan to implement the key priority recommendations of the SEA Effectiveness Review. The implementation of this Action Plan will be dependent on a shared responsibility in delivering the key priority recommendations.

Review of Effectiveness of SEA in Ireland

Year: 2012

The key findings and recommendations from the 'Effectiveness Review of SEA in Ireland' are presented in this report. Recommendations are included to address issues relating to guidance, training & awareness, data collection, provision & sharing and governance and legislation.

Review of Effectiveness of SEA in Ireland - Executive Summary

Year: 2012

This document summarises the key findings and recommendations of the 'Review of Effectiveness of SEA in Ireland' main report.

Register of former mine sites and tailings ponds (1996)

Year: 2009

Register of former mine sites and tailings ponds (1996)

Historic Mine Sites - Inventory and Risk Classification Volume 1

Year: 2009

This joint project created an inventory of Irelands Historic Mine Sites. The investigations assess the potential risk posed by these sites to humans, animal health and the surrounding environment.

2008 - State of the Environment Report

Year: 2008

This fourth state of the environment report evaluates the state of the environment across a number of themes including, climate change, water quality, air quality and emissions, waste, chemicals, land, soil, biodiversity and environmental noise.

Environment In Focus 2006

Environmental Indicators for Ireland, May 2006

Year: 2006

This is the third indicator report prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency that sets out, using key indicators, the current state of the environment, trends over time and the underlying causes of environmental damage. It also examines the main environmental challenges for the key economic sectors in Ireland.

Characterisation of Historic Mine Sites in Ireland and their Environmental Risks

Year: 2005

The EPA, the Geological Survey of Ireland and the Exploration & Mining Division of the Department of Communication, Marine & Natural Resources are undertaking a joint project. The project will carry out detailed site investigations and characterisaton on priority historic mine sites in Ireland. The attached doucment is the project proposal associated with the project.

Final Report Of Expert Group For Silvermines County Tipperary: Lead And Other Relevant Metals

Year: 2004

Cattle deaths from lead poisoning in 1999 on a farm in Silvermines, Co Tipperary, triggered a comprehensive investigation. This report presents the expert group’s final recommendations for guideline values for lead in the environment and provids guidance on human health, animal health and the environment. The report also set out additional work and research needs.

Report Of The Investigation Into The Presence Of Lead And Other Heavy Metals In The Tynagh Mines Area, Co Galway

Year: 2003

Report by EPA on an investigation of the Tynagh Mine site including recommendations in relation to ongoing management of the site. The report does not deal with the ultimate remediation and rehabilitation of the site.