Environment in Focus 2002

Key Environmental Indicators for Ireland, May 2003

Year: 2003

This is the second indicator report prepared by the Environmental Protection Agency that sets out, using key indicators, the current state of the environment, trends over time and the underlying causes of environmental damage. It also examines the main environmental challenges for the key economic sectors in Ireland.

Expert Group On Lead In Silvermines Co Tipperary Interim Report

Year: 2002

The EPA published an interim report in 2002 of an expert group established to formulate guidelines on the management of lead in the environment. This interim report considered guideline values and guidance in relation to protection of human health, animal health and the environment in the Silvermines area.

Developing A Soil Protection Strategy For Ireland – A Discussion Document

Year: 2002

This discussion document assembles existing information on soil in Ireland and the pressures on this valuable resource. A key recommendation in the report is the need for the development of a soil protection strategy for Ireland, including the development of a national soil quality monitoring programme and the selection of a set of indicators which are representative of soil quality.

Guidelines on information to be contained in Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

Year: 2002

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) guidance documents are listed below. Guidelines were published in 2002 following extensive consultation and some years experience with the draft guidelines. Additionally, the EPA published in 2003 Advice Notes on Current Practice (in the preparation of EIS) to accompany the guidelines.

Developing a National Phosphorus Balance for Agriculture in Ireland

Year: 2001

This discussion document aimed to establish the total amount of phosphorous (organic and chemical) applied to agricultural land in 1998 and the contribution from various farming and agri-industry activities.