Evidence Synthesis Report 1: A Signpost for Soil Policy in Ireland

Authors: Maria McNamara, Hannah Binner, Eric Hynes and Luisa Andrade

Summary: This study aimed to generate an accessible evidence base to support the development of new policy on soil and to enable Ireland to meet its commitments to both national and EU soil strategies.

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Published: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-80009-045-3

Pages: 33

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Format: pdf


Soil provides critical environmental services linked to topical themes such as climate change, carbon sequestration, productivity, pollution and remediation. Soils, however, are increasingly subject to pressures arising from changes in biomes, climate, agriculture, industrialisation and urbanisation. Given that soils are a non-renewable resource, legislative frameworks are required to ensure that they are protected. These frameworks, in turn, must be supported by a comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect soil health and quality. The recent publication of the EU Roadmap New Soil Strategy and the commitment in Ireland’s Programme for Government 2020 to urgently put new national soil policy in place emphasise the immediate need to support the development of policy for soil research and protection in Ireland through the synthesis of our current knowledge of Irish soils and of how soils are affected by human activities and climate change.

Download the infographic summarising the key recommendations of this report.