Drinking Water Quality (Public Supplies)

In 2022, the quality of public water supplies remained very good with more than 99% of samples complying with microbiological and chemical standards. 

Boil Water Notice (BWN) numbers increased to 79 in 2022 (from 70 in 2021) – however fewer people were impacted than in 2021 (approximately 182,000 people affected compared to 211,000 during 2021). The number of people served by public water supplies on the EPA’s Remedial Action List (RAL) has increased in 2022 and is now almost 481,000 people. This compares to over 374,000 people at the end of 2021. Supplies were added mainly due to THM (trihalomethanes) exceedances or inadequate treatment for Cryptosporidium. Through its inspection and monitoring programme, the EPA continues to identify drinking water plants that are at risk and require improvements and upgrades. Uisce Éireann needs to prioritise investment in those plants on the RAL to improve the resilience of drinking supplies, to provide a safe and secure supply into the future.

Progress to remove lead from our drinking water supply networks, public buildings and affected homes is far too slow. The EPA welcomes the expansion of the lead remediation grant scheme in 2023. Uisce Éireann must accelerate the rollout of their lead mitigation plan and Government departments must outline their plan for lead replacement in public buildings as part of the National Lead Strategy.

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