Organic Agricultural Land 1997-2020

Organic farming is a system of farming which requires the consideration and application of production methods that do not damage the environment; a more respectful use of the countryside; concern for animal welfare; and the production of high-quality agricultural products.

The area of agricultural land farmed organically in Ireland increased by 292% between 1997 and 2020, when it accounted for 73,200 hectares or 1.57% of the total agricultural land. Land used for organic farming in Ireland accounted for 1.57% of total agricultural land in 2020 – the second lowest percentage among EU Member States. In 2019, Austria, with 24.6%, had the highest proportion of agricultural land farmed organically in the EU28, and Malta the lowest at 0.5%.

Note: figures collected by Organic Certification Bodies and sent to Eurostat. View the indicator in full screen mode by clicking on the lined button beside it.