Threatened Species

There have been 14 Red List assessments completed in Ireland since 2006 covering 3,349 species and subspecies in 13 taxonomic groups (mammals have been assessed twice). These assessments have used the standardised IUCN categories to produce a list of threatened species which are those in the categories of Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable. The indicator below shows the proportion of the species in each taxonomic group that are Red Listed (Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable species), Regionally Extinct, Near Threatened, Least Concern and Data Deficient. The proportion of Red Listed species averages at almost 14% across all groups, but reaches 30% or more amongst the bees, the marine cartilaginous fish (sharks, rays and skates), and the amphibians, reptiles and freshwater fish.

Note: There is an additional non IUCN red list category of WL (waiting list) and this applies to vascular plants only.

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Status for Indicator at Amber