Total Final Energy Consumption By Fuel Type

Total final energy consumption fell in 2019, by 0.6% (0.5% increase weather corrected). This was the first fall since 2014. Energy used for heat reduced, but this was largely due to 2019 being a warmer year than 2018. Transport and electricity final energy use continued to increase in 2019. Final energy use of fossil fuels fell by 1.6%. Direct use of coal, peat and oil fell while natural gas increased. Oil has by far the largest share in Ireland's energy mix, accounting for 57% in 2019, more than all other fuel types combined. This is as a result of the almost complete dependence on oil for transport and on the fact that transport makes up the largest share of final energy use. Final energy use of all renewable energy increased by 5% overall with renewables accounting for 3.9% of final energy use.


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