Household waste per capita

In 2020, Ireland generated 1.89 million tonnes (Mt) of household waste; 1.85 Mt of household waste was managed, an increase of 18% on 2019 and an estimated 31.7 Kt was unmanaged. The quantity of household waste managed in Ireland in 2020 equates to 372 kilograms per person, up from 320 kg per person in 2019. When estimates for unmanaged waste are included, the quantity of household waste generated in Ireland in 2020 equates to 379 kg/person in 2020, up from 330 kg/person in 2019. There has been an overall increase in the amount of household waste managed per capita in Ireland since 2010.

Household waste generation in Ireland generally tends to be closely linked with lifestyle and consumption patterns. However, it is notable that, personal consumption of goods and services fell significantly in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic changed the spending habits of Irish consumers due to widespread closure of many commercial and economic sectors, while household waste generation increased significantly, as more people stayed at home.

Ireland’s national waste statistics can be found here.

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