Food Waste Prevention

Food Waste Prevention is a priority area for the National Waste Prevention Programme

The NWPP delivers waste prevention programmes through partnerships and provides tools and information to businesses, households and the public sector to influence behavioural change and support sustainable choices. For key insights view the 2020 National Food Waste Attitude Survey key insights.


Activities on food waste include the national food waste prevention campaign for householders: Stop Food, and leading the roll out of Ireland’s Food Waste Charter, supporting businesses in the food supply chain to reduce food waste and encouraging food waste prevention in line with the principles of the food waste hierarchy:


Food Waste Prevention



Ireland, along with almost 200 other countries, has committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 12.3: “By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses.”
Ireland generates approximately 1 million tonnes of food waste per year (not including wasted food from agriculture); which represents a carbon footprint as high as 3.6 Mt CO2eq. Around 40% of this comes from food processing operations, while 60% of it comes from the household and commercial sector. Household and commercial food waste is of concern because of the high level of embedded resources and the different waste collection mechanisms.

EPA Stop Food Waste is the national food waste prevention campaign, providing guidance and resources to help consumers reduce food waste. Through a combination of education, training, local champions and national promotion (media and social) the programme aims to raise consumer awareness and empower citizens to change their behaviour to reduce their food waste.
Through the Food Waste Charter, the EPA is leading a collaborative programme to support businesses in the food supply chain to reduce food waste.
The EPA also hosts the Forum on Food Waste to bring together key actors across the food chain to discuss the issues and challenges in relation to food loss and waste in Ireland.


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