Information for B2B EEE producers – How to submit a WEEE waste management plan and report 

This page provides guidance and information to B2B EEE producers on the submissions that they must make to the EPA and on how they can make those submissions using the online EDEN portal. A link to a guidance video is also provided.  

B2B producers must self-comply with the WEEE Regulations and take on the responsibility of financing the management of their WEEE. This means that B2B producers must arrange for the collection, movement and treatment of their B2B WEEE themselves.  

The EPA needs to know how self-complying B2B producers are meeting their legal obligations, so they must submit information to the EPA every year. The information required by the EPA is as follows: 

  • WEEE Waste Management Plan (WMP) – A WMP looks forward over a three-year period so you will be required to submit one every three years. It informs the EPA how you will manage your B2B WEEE and how you will finance that
  • WEEE Waste Management Report (WMR) – You must submit a WMR by 31 January every year. A WMR contains detailed information on the quantities of B2B WEEE that you, as a B2B producer, managed during the previous calendar year 

Remember – The submissions are due by 31 January each year (every 3 years for a WMP). 

Use of online EDEN portal

The EPA provides an online system to submit a WMP and WMR. The system is available on the EDEN portal.   

The first time you use EDEN, you will be asked to set up an account for your company on EDEN. The instructions for this are available when you first access the system.   

Watch this short B2B submission guidance video to assist you with your submissions. The video deals with common errors and queries in relation to submissions of WEEE Waste Management Plans and Reports using EDEN.  

Find more guidance on accessing and using the EDEN system.   

Send an email to if you have any questions or queries about using the EDEN system or about making a submission.  

Important note: If you are placing EEE on the Irish market and the EEE contains batteries, then you are an EEE producer and a battery producer. You will to meet the obligations that apply to an EEE producer and a battery producer.

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