EEE producers - Information for authorised representatives 

The page provides guidance and information for producers, based outside Ireland, on how they can appoint an authorised representative in Ireland. It also provides information on the European WEEE Enforcement Network and on how to make a complaint to the EPA about a non-compliant producer.  

The WEEE regulations allow for the appointment of an authorised representative in Ireland for producers, including distance sellers, who are based outside Ireland and who have no legal presence here.  

An authorised representative takes on all legal obligations under the WEEE Regulations in Ireland on behalf of the producer. This includes registration as a producer with the national producer registration body in Ireland, Producer Register Limited (PRL), reporting obligations and membership of a compliance scheme (that is, WEEE Ireland or ERP Ireland). 

An authorised representative is not legally registered here until it has received the official certificate of registration from the registration body (PRL). The registration body has the power to refuse an application for registration or to revoke a registration.  

Once appointed, the authorised representative must do everything a producer would do to meet all producer obligations in Ireland. If an authorised representative fails to meet their legal obligations, or is refused registration, then the producer, on whose behalf they are acting in Ireland, may be prohibited from placing their product on the market in Ireland. An authorised representative can also be prosecuted on behalf of the producer.  

Find out how to appoint an authorised representative in Ireland and in other EU member states.  

European WEEE enforcement network (EWEN) 

The EPA is a member of a network of regulatory authorities from EU member states. The network is known as the European WEEE enforcement network (or EWEN). Its members work together to enforce the legal obligations that apply to authorised representatives across the EU.  

Where a producer fails to appoint an authorised representative in Ireland, the EPA will issue a formal complaint to the member state where the producer is based. The regulatory authority there will start enforcement proceedings against that producer in their own country.  

The same process will apply to apply to Irish producers who fail to appoint an authorised representative in another EU member state.

Make a complaint to the EPA

Some producers are not meeting their legal obligations. They are acting at an illegal competitive advantage over compliant producers. Do you know of (or suspect) a producer that is not registered or who is acting as a free rider? You can tell the EPA using this free rider EEE producer complaint form. We will investigate your complaint. Your complaint will be confidential. 

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