Remedial Action List for Public Water Supplies

The EPA’s Remedial Action List (RAL) is a register of public water supplies with the most serious deficiencies and known to be most at risk, where the EPA is requiring Irish Water to take corrective action to ensure the safety and security of the supplies. The EPA has instructed Irish Water to submit an action programme for the improvement of each of these water supplies and has initiated enforcement action where action programmes have not been prepared or implemented to the satisfaction of the EPA. This includes issuing legally binding Directions requiring specific work to be carried out to ensure the safety and security of a water supply.

Since the original RAL was published in 2008, 90% (305) of supplies have been removed from the original list because the necessary remedial actions have been completed. The primary issues addressed to-date include disinfection of E. coli, barriers to Cryptosporidium, adequate treatment for trihalomethanes and operational controls for managing aluminium and turbidity levels. The EPA updates and publishes the RAL on a quarterly basis. 64 supplies remain on the RAL at the end of July 2019 which collectively supply water to 568,170 consumers.

The interactive map below shows the location of the 64 water supplies on the RAL at the end of July 2019. 

Click on a red dot to find out more information about these supplies including the reason the supply is on the RAL and the anticipated completion date for the remedial works.