Who needs an IPC Licence?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the competent authority for granting and enforcing Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licences for specified industrial activities listed in the first schedule  to the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 as amended.

In summary the categories of industry coming within the scope of IPC licensing are:

  •  Minerals and Other Materials
  •  Metals
  •  Mineral Fibres and Glass
  •  Chemicals
  •  Food and Drink
  •  Textiles and Leather
  •  Fossil Fuels
  •  Cement
  •  Waste (class 11.1)
  •  Surface Coatings
  •  Other Activities (includes testing of engines, manufacture of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards, production of lime and manufacture of ceramics)

Some of the classes are subject to thresholds.  Any person carrying on an activity that is below a threshold in the 1st Schedule to the EPA Act 1992, as amended, must ensure that they do not exceed that threshold without first obtaining an IPC licence.

New Activities:

If you are proposing to commence a new activity listed in the First Schedule to the EPA Act 1992 as amended, you must obtain an IPC licence (or an Industrial Emissions licence) before commencing the activity.

It is an offence to carry on a licensable activity without a licence from the EPA.

Pre Application Discussions:

Given the complexity and scale of some activities, and in order to avoid possible delays caused by submitting an incomplete application, the EPA recommends that you engage in pre-application clarification/consultation prior to submitting your application for a licence.

Contact the Environmental Licensing Programme by emailing licensing@epa.ie if you wish to arrange a pre-application meeting.

Is an IPC or Waste Licence Required?

If you are carrying on activities that meet the descriptions of IPC activities set out in the 1st Schedule to the EPA Act 1992 as amended, and the 3rd and 4th Schedules to the Waste Managment Act 1996, as amended, you can request the Agency to make a declaration as to whether an IPC or Waste licence is required.  Such a declaration may also be made by the EPA of its own volition.  For more information, see Section 39A of the Waste Management Act 1996 as amended.

Learn More

View the First Schedule to the EPA Act 1992 as amended,     Find out more about the licensing process.

View the IPC Application Forms, instructions for applicants and guidance notes.  

For further information, contact our Environmental Licensing Programme at:

Office of Climate, Licensing & Resource Use
PO Box 3000
Johnstown Castle Estate
County Wexford
Telephone Locall 1890 33 55 99 or 053 91 60600
Email licensing@epa.ie