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Environmental Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

EDEN is the EPA's online web portal for Local Authorities and licensees to communicate with the EPA on numerous applications.

Latest publications in Licensing & Permitting

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Instructions on how to make an online submission

Step by Step on how to make a submission on line

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EPA Guidance for Licensees

Proposed Transferees on Licence Transfer Applications

Guidance setting out the information required from a Licensee and Proposed Transferee when completing the Licence Transfer Application Web-form for the transfer of an Industrial Emissions, Integrated Pollution Control or Waste Licence.

Thumbnail IPC Guidance Note on Storage of Materials for Scheduled Activities
IPC Guidance Note on

Storage and Transfer of Materials for Scheduled Activities

This guidance note provides assistance for industry to comply with Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) licence conditions in relation to storage and movement of potentially polluting substances and thereby protect the environment.

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