Fire at Vita Cortex Ltd, Licence P0059-02, Kinsale Road, Cork, 01 July 2022

The EPA became aware, at 08:50 on Friday 01 July 2022, of a fire at the vacant Vita Cortex Ltd premises, Kinsale Road, Cork. The Agency understands that the Fire Service attended the site at around 05:00 and brought the fire under control around 08:00. The Agency also understands that the Fire Service attended an earlier fire incident at the same site.

EPA inspectors arrived on site at 12:40 on Friday 01 July 2022 and met Fire Service and City Council personnel and a representative of the licence holder, Fronville Ltd. The earlier fire was in the warehouse at the rear of the site, and the second, larger fire was localised in the office area at the front of the building.

Firewater generated during firefighting flowed into site drainage and also onto the public road adjacent to the site. EPA has been in contact with Irish Water to ensure that measures are in place to protect the sewerage network.

The EPA will ensure that that any waste material arising from this incident is removed from the site by authorised contractors.

The Vita Cortex site ceased operation in 2010. The license holder, Fronville Ltd, is currently engaging with the EPA with the intention of preparing the site for the surrender of Licence P0059-02. The EPA will ensure that all structures on site are rendered safe, that all potentially polluting materials on site will be removed and any residual contamination risk will be addressed as part of the surrender process.

The priority for the EPA is to ensure that the necessary management practices are in place to eliminate the causes of this type of incident and to protect the environment.