This is a list of recent incidents at EPA licensed and permitted facilities that were reported to the EPA 

Notices are archived two months after being updated.  Details of all reported incidents are kept on public file at our regional offices and on-site at the relevant company. 

Spill Incident at Irving Oil Whitegate Refinery, Whitegate, Co. Cork- 22 January 2024

Fire at Starrus Eco Holdings Limited Waste Facility, Cappagh Road Cappogue, Finglas, Dublin 11 - 20 January 2024

Incident at Castletown wastewater pump station near Celbridge, Co. Kildare - 22 Sept 2023

Incident at Aurivo Consumer Foods Ltd, Killygordon, Co. Donegal, 13 Sept 2023

Fire at Killarney Waste Disposal Unlimited Company Waste Facility W0217 - 02 Jun 2023

Fire at Vita Cortex Ltd,Licence P0059-02-  01 July 2022

Gorey and Ballymore Eustace water treatment plants - 20 September 2021

Compliance and Enforcement Overview

The EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement (OEE) carries out a range of activities to help keep our air, land and water clean and safe.   

Major industrial, waste and wastewater operations in Ireland need a licence or authorisation from the EPA to ensure that they don’t endanger human health or harm the environment.  We also regulate the supply of clean drinking water and the use of radiological materials, we oversee the environmental protection work of local councils, and we work with other public authorities with environmental roles.   

The EPA’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy  

Our Compliance and Enforcement Policy lets operators and the public know what to expect from us and describes how we will always aim to be fair and consistent in our work.  

Our compliance and enforcement activities  

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Services to the public  

Make a complaint:  You can make an environmental complaint about environmental problems like odour, noise or dust, water or air pollution, littering and unauthorised activities.   

Get information on environmental incidents: We believe that the public are entitled to receive timely and reliable information about incidents at EPA licensed sites See our list of recent incidents, which gives details of the incident and what was done to address any pollution and prevent the problem happening again.  

Read about sites in the news: From time to time, the compliance status of individual licensed sites comes to local or national attention. See Sites in the News for up-to-date information, monitoring reports and EPA assessments. 

Get information on legal actions: Read details of prosecutions and other legal actions taken by the EPA.  

Get information on the Drinking Water Remedial Action list:  See the EPA’s register of all public water supplies that require corrective action to ensure the safety and security of supply.  

Get information about urban waste water compliance:  Read oursummary of progress on urban waste water treatment in Ireland.    

Get information on the environmental performance of licensed industrial and waste sites:  We provide an up-to-date summary of the environmental performance of licensed industrial and waste sites and our compliance and enforcement activities. This includes our list of National Priority Sites.

Access public information on compliance and enforcement:  We provide extensive public access to information via our LEAP Online portal about our environmental compliance and enforcement activities.  We publish the formal compliance and enforcement correspondence we undertake with regulated operators, including our site visit reports and submissions on environmental performance from operators.  

Services to regulated operators 

We provide simple tools, including the EDEN Portal, for our authorised operators to make their compliance returns and performance reports to the EPA, as required under their licences and permits.   

We provide comprehensive guidance and advice to assist operators to comply with their authorisations and to achieve high standards of environmental performance while they conduct their businesses.