Transboundary movement of Genetically Modified Organisms

This is a system for notifying and exchanging information on the transboundary movements of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) to third countries, outside the European Union (EU).

Exporters of GMOs intended for deliberate release into the environment must notify, in writing, the competent national authority of the country of import prior to the transboundary movement.  A transboundary movement of GMOs may not take place without prior written consent from the importer.

For GMOs intended for contained use, exporters must provide the documentation containing the following information to the importer receiving the GMO:

  • That it contains or consits of GMOs;
  • The unique identification code(s) assigned to those GMOs if such code exist;
  • Risk assessment relating to safe handling, storage, transport and use of the GMOs;
  • Contacts for further information including the name and address of the individual or institution to whom  or which the GMOs are being delivered to.