Amendment of an existing licence

The EPA may amend a licence or revised licence to:-

  1. correct any clerical error,
  2. allow the doing of anything under the condition of a licence that may reasonably be regarded as having been contemplated under the terms of the individual condition or the licence as a whole but is not specifically stipulated in that condition, or
  3. facilitate compliance by the holder of a licence with technical requirements that may be extablished, or amended, arising from the introduction of new Community acts or amendments to existing Community acts, or
  4. otherwise enable the operation of the licence once the amendment doesn’t contravene the relevant requirements of Section 40(4) of the WMA Act 1996 ceasing to be satisfied. This includes:

ensuring emissions comply with environmental standards and do not cause environmental pollution;

the activity will comply with relevant Directives;

BAT shall be applied to reduce/prevent emissions;

the activity is consistent with the objectives of the relevant waste/hazardous waste management plan etc. 

Guidance for licensees on requests for alterations.

Amendments that likely cannot be accommodated by Technical Amendment (Waste and Industrial Waste Licences).