Green Public Procurement

What is Green Public Procurement?

Green Public Procurement (GPP) is a process where public authorities seek to source goods, services or works with a reduced environmental impact. GPP is acknowledged as a vital policy lever in meeting environmental policy objectives.

What is the EPA doing?

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Ireland has committed to implementing GPP in all tenders using public funds by 2023. This will require a major shift in the practices of public bodies and the businesses they contract with.

The EPA is supporting this transition by:

  • Providing up-to-date GPP guidance
  • Developing a new online training programme for public sector procurers and specifiers and promoting the training through existing procurement networks as well as through the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) and DECC
  • Developing GPP monitoring and reporting guidance and a template for government departments who are required to report on green public procurement in their 2020 departmental annual reports.

EPA Green Public Procurement Guidance for the Public Sector

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The guidance and accompanying criteria support the inclusion of sustainable and green practices into public sector procurement procedures. They are aimed primarily at public sector procurers in central and local government, state agencies and other public bodies such as universities, hospitals and schools.

They are also relevant for utility sector procurers and may be of interest to private companies whether they are responding to tenders or applying green criteria in their own procurement. They have been fully updated to reflect legislation and policy in place as of March 2021.

The sectors covered are:

  • Transport
  • ICT
  • Food and Catering
  • Cleaning Products and Services
  • Office Buildings
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Heating Equipment
  • Energy-related Products
  • Paper and Printing