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The accurate measurement of ionising radiation is central to ensuring its safe and effective use and therefore the instruments used for this surveillance need to be regularly calibrated. 

The EPA provides a calibration measurement service which is accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board  to ISO 17025 

Information for customers on arranging instrument calibration is given in the document Calibration Service - Guidance for Customers.

What is calibration? 

Calibration is the process of checking an instrument to ensure that it complies with the manufacturer's specification. This involves exposing the instrument to varying types and doses of radiation. 

instrument calibration

Who is responsible for calibration? 

All businesses and practices that are licensed to use sources of ionising radiation are obliged by law to ensure measuring instruments are accurately calibrated. They must also be regularly checked to ensure that they are serviceable, and that they are being correctly used.

How frequently does my instrument need calibration? 

Under Irish legislation, radiation measuring instruments must be calibrated before first use and annually thereafter to ensure that they are in full working order.  

Important note

Customers must arrange for delivery of the instrument to the EPA. The return delivery of the instrument is the responsibility of the EPA and it will be returned via DHL.


Calibration services offered by the EPA 

  • Dose rate meters - Dose rate meters are used to measure radiation levels in a specific environment. They can measure both natural background radiation and man-made radiation. 
  • Surface contamination monitors - Surface contamination monitors are typically used to detect radioactive spillage on work benches. 
  • Personal monitors and alarms - Personal monitors and alarms are used to measure the radiation dose received by an individual. 
Current Instrument calibration charges
Instrument TypeUnit Price (€)Unit Price Inc VAT 23% (€)
Gamma & X-Ray Survey Meters, 1 scale  €124 €152.52
Gamma & X-Ray Survey Meters, 2 scales  €156 €191.88
Gamma & X-Ray Survey Meters, 3 scales or more  €173 €212.79
Contamination Meters  €124 €152.52
Electronic Personal Dosimeters (EPDs)  €54 €66.42
Personal Alarms  €43 €52.89


How to apply for our calibration services

All instruments must be booked through our booking system via email at as far in advance as possible in order to be allocated the next available date.  Once a date for the calibration of your instrument is confirmed, please download the application form and enclose it with your instrument. 

Using the Calibration Service 

Customers should note the following: 

  • Transportation of instruments to the EPA is the responsibility of the customer. The return of the calibrated instruments to customers is organised by the EPA.
  • Instruments should always be suitably packaged with the words FRAGILE ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT, or similar, prominently displayed on the packaging. 
  • Instruments should be switched off during transportation. 
  • Charged batteries and/or power supplies should be provided by the customer. 
  • Suspected faults must be reported to the laboratory in advance of testing. 
  • An official purchase order must be provided in pdf, with the courier fee for the return of the instrument included. The courier fee will be added to all calibration quotes.

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If you have any general or technical queries about calibration-related matters that are not answered on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us


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