Registered Radon Services 

In this section you will find information about registered radon testing services and registered radon remediation services. 

Registered Radon Testing Services 

Registered Radon Remediation Service 

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Registered Radon Testing Services 


The EPA provides a list of registered radon testing services. 

The registration scheme is open to both radon testing laboratories and suppliers of radon detectors for the testing of radon in homes and workplaces.

Registered radon testing services -

  • agree to comply with the EPA Radon in Air Testing Protocol 
  • provide evidence of successful proficiency testing 
  • evidence of tax compliance 
  • evidence of appropriate insurance 

 Further details of this registration scheme are available in the Registration Form and Guidelines.  


Registered Radon Remediation Services 


The EPA has developed a registration scheme for radon remediation services.  Registered remediation contractors have met a number of requirements including: 

  • successfully completing the NRCS radon remediation training course including assessment 
  • adherence to a code of practice 
  • tax compliance 
  • appropriate insurance 
  • completion of registration form  

Further details of this registration scheme are available in the Radon Remediation Registration Form.  

The EPA provides this list of registered remediation contractors to those that wish to reduce radon levels in their buildings. The EPA recommends the following is discussed between the customer and contractor: 

  • Fan warranty and maintenance (for active sumps) 
  • Costs of running fans (for active sumps) 
  • Fan noise – if possible fans should be located away from bedrooms as they may be heard especially at night (for active sumps) 
  • Post remedial measurements 
  • What steps may be taken and the potential cost (if any) if further work is needed following re-testing 


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