2020 Fulbright-EPA awards

This page lists the 2020 Fulbright-EPA awards.

There were two 2020 awards: 

  • Holly English is a PhD student in the Laboratory of Wildlife Ecology and Behaviour, University College Dublin. Previously, she completed an undergraduate degree in Zoology at Trinity College Dublin and a research master’s in Bioscience at Swansea University. Holly has also worked as a research assistant for the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Royal Veterinary College. Her doctoral research is funded by the Irish Research Council and focuses on using animal-borne sensors to investigate the energetics associated with predation in the canid family. As a Fulbright-EPA Student Awardee to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Washington D.C., Holly will deploy accelerometer and magnetometer-equipped collars on coyotes (Canis latrans) to quantify their behaviour and foraging strategies with management implications for mitigating human-wildlife conflict. 
  • Astrid Wingler is Professor of Plant Biology at University College Cork. Her research focuses on the responses of plants to the changing environment, aiming to increase the climate resilience of plant production systems in agriculture and forestry. As a Fulbright-EPA Scholar she will visit the University of California, Davis to investigate carbon capture and soil carbon sequestration in annual and perennial grasslands. In collaboration with colleagues in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis, this research will determine how different management practices can be used to improve the climate resilience of grazing systems, while also counteracting the current rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration through carbon sequestration.