Private Sector - Do I need a Waste Licence, Permit or Certificate of Registration

Year: 2008

This is to assist you in deciding if you require a Waste Licence, Waste Permit or a Certificate of Registration.

Local Authority- Do I need a Waste Licence or Certificate of Registration

Year: 2008

This Decision Tree is to assist in deciding if you require a Waste Licence or a Certificate of Registration

Guidance Manual Waste Collection Permit Regulations

Year: 2008

This is the full guidance manual for the Waste Collection Permit Regulations.

Waste Management - Taking Stock And Moving Forward

Year: 2004

This document (published April 2004) reviews progress and the continuing challenges in dealing with waste. It envisages the near-term introduction of thermal waste treatment as an alternative to landfill.

Delivering Change – Preventing And Recycling Waste 2002

Year: 2002

This government policy document built on Changing Our Ways moving to concrete proposals to give authorities more power to tackle the problem of waste. The document also announced the establishment of a National Waste Prevention Programme in the Environmental Protection Agency.

Landfill Site Design Thumbnail

Landfill Manual - Site Design

Year: 2000

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance on landfill site design so as to prevent or reduce as far as possible negative effects on the environment. Guidelines are presented for the design of landfill liner systems, leachate management systems, for landfill gas management and for the final capping system.

Landfill Manual - Guidance Note on Landfill Restoration

Year: 1999

This document gives guidance on all aspects of landfill restoration. The manual sets down the requirements for successful restoration to afteruses such as nature conservation and amenity, woodland, agriculture and hard end uses such as built structures and car parks.

Changing Our Ways waste report 1998

Year: 1998

This was the first in a series of comprehensive government policy documents on the management of waste in Ireland. It endorsed the integrated waste management approach, based on the internationally adopted hierarchy of options which places greatest emphasis on waste prevention, followed by minimisation, re-use, recycling, energy recovery and finally, the environmentally sustainable disposal of residual waste.

Landfill Manual- Guidance note on Operational Practices

Year: 1997

The objective of this manual is to contribute to the improved management of existing biodegradable landfill sites, whilst providing guidance on how new sites are to be operated. The manual should thus be seen as contributing to the process of improving national landfill standards which will accelerate with the implementation of the Waste Management Act.

Landfill Manual - Guidance Note on Investigations for Landfills

Year: 1995

This manual describes the sequence and extent of investigations required to progress the selection, construction and operation of a landfill site. It also outlines the procedures to be adopted in the investigation of existing landfill sites, such investigations being required to complete a site conditioning, closure or aftercare plan.