Discussion Document supporting the 2021-2023 EPA Research 2030 Thematic Research Areas Assessment

Authors: EPA

Summary: This document is the Discussion Document supporting the EPA Research 2030: 2021–2023 Thematic Research Areas Assessment.

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Published: 2021

Pages: 61

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This document was developed following an extensive consultation process in 2020, based on a review of medium to longer term policy needs, ongoing research funded by the EPA, consultation with relevant government departments and agencies, and alignment with the key activities of the EPA. This document was finalised following the discussions and feedback received during the “Towards EPA Research 2030” online workshop (28 October 2020).

While the research areas are identified under each of the four individual hubs to address the specific hub-related ambition (e.g. “Addressing Climate Change evidence needs”), the EPA Research 2030 Framework acknowledges that the knowledge and evidence generated collectively across the four interconnected research hubs will facilitate a more integrated, coherent and cross-sectoral approach, enabling holistic management and protection of our environment.

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