National Radiation Monitoring Network

The EPA operates a network of 15 permanent radiation monitoring stations across Ireland, which constantly monitors radiation levels in the environment. Here you will find information on this network and how we would use it in the event of a nuclear accident overseas.

Radiation monitoring stations

Met Éireann, local authorities and the Defence Forces all help support the work of the permanent radiation monitoring stations.

These stations include air samplers and gamma dose rate monitors. Data from the gamma dose rate monitors is continuously fed back to a central computer at the EPA.

This 24-hour monitoring ensures that we are always aware of the levels of naturally occurring radiation in the environment but also that we will get the first measurements in the event of a radioactive 'cloud' reaching Ireland.

In case of an accident

If elevated radiation levels are detected, an alarm system is automatically triggered. The EPA responds to alarm activations and assesses what action is required.

The national network of round-the-clock radiation monitoring stations plays an important role in the National Emergency Plan for Nuclear Accidents.