Radon Map

Radon is a radioactive gas that causes about 300 cases of lung cancer in Ireland each year   

Radon can enter your home from the ground and build up to high levels indoors. Homes in some parts of the country are more likely to have a radon problem than others. These are called High Radon Areas and are shown in light brown or dark brown on the radon map. Even if your home is not in a High Radon Area, it may have high levels of radon.  

Find out how to test your home here. 

By law, all workplaces and schools in High Radon Areas must be tested. 

Check your risk from radon on our map by using your Eircode (e.g. D14YR62 and please ensure you do not leave a space) or by typing in your address. 

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Read more here about the health risks associated with radon

The Government's Building Regulations require that all new homes in High Radon Areas are installed with a radon membrane. You can search the map to see if your building needs a radon barrier. Read more about radon membranes and protecting your building from radon. 

* A High Radon Area is any area where it is predicted that 10% or more of homes will exceed the Reference Level of 200 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3). 

Radon map legend

Estimated percentage of homes above the Reference Level

Radon Map Legend