Radon map of Ireland

Radon is a radioactive gas. Radon causes about 350 cases of lung cancer in Ireland each year. Read more about the health risks of radon.

Homes in some parts of Ireland are more likely to have a radon problem. These are called High Radon Areas.

Radon risk map

The radon risk map will tell you if your home is in a High Radon Area. High Radon Areas are shown in red.

Even if your home is not in a High Radon Area, it may still have a high level of radon.

Open the radon risk map

How to find your home

  • Enter your Eircode into the search bar on the map (get your Eircode)
  • You can also search using a postal address or map co-ordinates
  • A dot will appear for the Eircode or location you entered
  • Click the dot to see the radon risk for that area

How to test your home for radon

  • If you are worried about radon in your home, contact a radon testing service.
  • Radioactivity from radon is measured in becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3). The reference level for radon is 200 Bq/m3. In a High Radon Area more than 10% of homes may have more than the reference level of radioactivity.

Workplaces and radon

All workplaces and schools in a High Radon Area must be tested for radon. Check if your workplace is in a High Radon Area on our Radon in Workplaces map.

Building regulations and radon

All new homes in a High Radon Area must have a radon membrane to meet Building Regulations. A radon membrane is a barrier that helps stop radon coming into a building. To see if your new home is in a High Radon Area, check out our radon map for use with Technical Guidance Document - C

If your premises was built before May 2022, you can check our radon map (pre-May 2022) to see if your building required a radon membrane. Learn more about radon membranes and protecting your building from radon.