Apply for Authorisation

New applicants

  • Before you acquire radioactive materials or irradiating apparatus, you need an authorisation (registration or license) from the EPA
  • If you acquire a source of ionising radiation without an authorisation you could be prosecuted
  • You must consult an approved Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) to advise you the practical implementation of radiation protection.
  • How to apply for a radiological license - signing up to EDEN


Obligations for registrants and licensees include to:

  • Keep records for radioactive materials and x-ray equipment
  • Inform the EPA of any change in the inventory of licensed items
  • Keep records of dose monitoring, disposals, incidents, faults, and other relevant information
  • Consult with an approved by the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) in relation to radiation protection aspects of any proposed changes to licensed facilities (e.g. new X-ray equipment, relocation of materials or equipment)
  • Develop and maintain a Radiation Safety Manual/Radiation Safety Procedures. The document shall be updated regularly in accordance with the code practice. For more information on drafting these documents see Guide for the Compilation of a Radiation Safety Manual
  • Notify the local Fire Officer of the location and nature of all radioactive materials
  • Inform the EPA of the loss or theft of any licensed items, or of any incident or accident involving a licensed item
  • Display a copy of the authorisation in a public place
  • Ensure proper labelling of all radioactive materials and x-ray equipment
  • Make sure that all authorised items are subject to routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, and undergoes appropriate quality assurance testing, as recommended by the RPA
  • Display a sign warning female patients to declare their known or suspected pregnancy (in the case of medical practitioners)
  • Obtain authorisation from the EPA prior to the disposal of any licensed item
  • Ensure that, when equipment or material is sold, the purchaser is aware of their obligation to acquire an authorisation from the EPA
  • Ensure that, when X-ray equipment is disposed of, it is rendered incapable of producing ionising radiation
  • Have an agreement in place with the supplier of any sealed radioactive sources to take back the source when no longer of use.

Renewing your license

  • You must apply to renew your license at least 30 days before its expiry date
  • When renewing your license, you must ensure that all details are correct.