Environmental queries and complaints

Submit a query if you have a question about the environment or the EPA.

Submit a complaint if you want to report environmental pollution, disturbance or damage.

Submit a query to the EPA

The EPA shares responsibility for environmental queries with local authorities and other agencies.
Explore a list of common issues to see which organisation can help you.

The information you need to answer your question may be on this website.
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If you can't find what you need, submit your question using our online form.
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Submit a complaint to the EPA

In many cases, local authorities and other agencies have responsibility for environmental complaints.
Find out who should investigate your complaint, e.g. noise, hedgerow cutting, water pollution, etc.

The EPA can investigate complaints about:

  • Organisations or sites that we regulate
  • Complaints about pollution or damage that a local authority did not resolve correctly
  • Note: Our investigations follow a formal process and may take some time to complete

If you wish to report an issue that the EPA can investigate, use our online form.
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