Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the EPA 

The Environmental Protection Agency is committed to creating a workplace culture that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion and recognises that to fulfil our vision and mandate, we need people with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives.  We will continue to welcome a diverse range of staff at all levels, regardless of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, disability, race, membership of the Traveller community or socio-economic background. 


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policies and Practices in the EPA 

  1. We have developed an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) group, established by the Meitheal Group (staff forum) and is complemented by an EDI Policy.
  2. There are excellent flexible working arrangements and family friendly initiatives such as shorter working time arrangements, flexible hours, blended working arrangements, paid maternity, adoptive and paternity leave arrangements in place.
  3. We have an active Management & Leadership Network (made up of senior and middle managers) created to build a community of practice and peer learning across the EPA and to build strength and leadership capability of managers
  4. Our workplace wellbeing programme was awarded the IBEC KeepWell mark accreditation in 2020 and was reaccredited in 2022.


Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

This is the EPA’s first Gender Pay Gap report, which is published under the requirements of the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021.

The pay gap of the average hourly rate of pay is based on a snapshot date of 30 June 2022.

We have a wide range of policies and practices in place to create a diverse and inclusive working environment. For example:

  • the establishment of an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion group;
  • flexible working arrangements (short working time arrangements, flexible hours, flexible parental leave, blended working, etc.);
  • an extensive learning and development programme;
  • a Management & Leadership Network (MLN) to strengthen leadership capability; and
  • an established workplace wellbeing programme.

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Policies & Procedures

Dignity at Work Policy & Procedure

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy & Procedure


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