What is the EPA doing?

The EPA is addressing climate change challenges by:

  • collating national greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and projections;
  • regulating emissions from industrial sectors;
  • supporting emissions from industrial sectors (Emissions Trading Scheme);
  • supporting change in behaviour to promote a circular economy; and,
  • facilitating the National Dialogue on Climate Change

The EPA is at the centre of the climate debate here in Ireland.  We always aim to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and authoritative scientific information, ensuring it is accessible to everyone from climate scientists and policy-makers to the general public.

Climate Lectures

One of the EPA principle methods of communicating climate change with the public is through our twice-yearly Climate Change Lectures Series where a guest speaker addresses a climate change topic, giving us all something to think about and engage in.

Environmental Research

EPA funded environmental research provides essential scientific support for environmental policy development, implementation and broader decision making

The EPA is part of your community.  Social media allows us role out environmental information and keeps us all connected. You will find we are very active on social media so please do ‘follow’ us to learn what we are up to, what we have to offer and how we can help you to appreciate your environment even more than you already do.

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