What is the EPA doing?

The EPA is addressing climate change challenges by:

  • collating and regulating national greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and projections
  • Facilitating climate engagement through its role in the National Dialogue on Climate Action
  • Conducting and supporting research on attitudes and behaviours on climate change
  • Providing Climate Ireland, Ireland's national adaptation platform
  • Delivering Ireland's national climate change risk assessment
  • Supporting Climate Change Research

The EPA has a Climate Change Programme, dedicated to addressing climate change challenges. The following areas are covered in this programme:

Emissions Statistics

Responsible for collating and projecting national greenhouse and air pollutant gas emissions. As well as projections and regulating emissions from industrial sectors.

Work Item Details
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Projections A sectoral breakdown of most recently reported emissions and projections with charts and background data.

Climate Change Conferences

Annually the EPA hosts a Climate Change Conference. The event for 2021 was held virtually and was entitled ""Achievement of Climate Neutrality".

Environmental Research

EPA funded environmental research provides essential scientific support for environmental policy development, implementation and broader decision making

The EPA is part of your community. Social media allows us role out environmental information and keeps us all connected. You will find we are very active on social media so please do ‘follow’ us to learn what we are up to, what we have to offer and how we can help you to appreciate your environment even more than you already do.

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