Permitting dumping at sea in Ireland

  • In Ireland, OSPAR and London Convention requirements are implemented via the Dumping at Sea (DAS) Act 1996 as amended.
  • A DAS permit is required for disposal of dredged material and inert material of natural origin (in the absence of suitable alternative reuse and disposal methods).
  • Dumping of vessels, aircraft, sewage sludge, animal carcasses/parts/products and industrial fish waste is not permitted.
  • Until 2010, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food was responsible for issuing DAS permit and Foreshore Licences.
  • Applications were assessed by the Marine Licensing Vetting Committee.

Foreshore and Dumping at Sea (Amendment) Act, 2009

  • From 15 December 2009, the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government was given responsible for the majority of foreshore functions. These functions now reside within the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.
  • The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine retains responsibility for foreshore functions relating to fishery harbour centres, aquaculture and sea-fishing.
  • From 15 February 2010, the EPA became responsible for DAS permits.
  • From 23 July 2012, new application fees were introduced for DAS under Dumping at Sea (Fees) Regulations 2012.
  • Permit application form and guidance notes are available on the EPA website
  • All permit application documents, correspondence, submissions are available on the EPA website.
  • Inspector’s reports, recommended permit and permit are available on the EPA website. 
  • A Dumping at Sea Advisory Committee has been established. Its role is to assist the EPA and to provide advice on technical issues.