Permitting dumping at sea in Ireland

Dumping at sea from vessels, aircraft or offshore installation of a substance or material without a permit is prohibited by the Dumping at Sea Act 1996 as amended. The purpose of a Dumping at Sea permit is to regulate the dumping of material at sea.

Certain functions relating to dumping at sea were transferred from the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the Foreshore and Dumping at Sea (Amendment) Act 2009. This Act empowers the EPA to decide on an application for a permit to dispose of material at sea and the subsequent issue of Dumping at Sea permit. For more details, see Permitting dumping at sea in Ireland.

Dumping at sea permitting process

The Dumping at Sea (DAS) permitting process consists of number of stages that involve consultation with the applicant and statutory consultees and this process also allows for public participation, by way of a written submission. The validity of an EPA decision on an application may be challenged by way of judicial review.

Applying for a dumping at sea permit

Any person who wishes to dispose of material at sea is required to apply for a Dumping at Sea permit. 

All applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with relevant guidance documentation before submitting a completed application for permit and a Material Analysis Reporting Form.

All permit application documents, correspondence, submissions and the Dumping at Sea Register, which gives particulars of all permits granted, are available at Search for a DAS Permit.

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If you require a Dumping at Sea permit, contact the EPA's Environmental Licensing Programme at:

Office of Environmental Sustainability

PO Box 3000

Johnstown Castle Estate

Co Wexford

Lo-call: 1890 335599

Tel: 053 9160600