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Notification requirements for the contained use of GMMs  

The notification requirements for the first-time use of a premises for contained use (and subsequent contained use) of GMMs are dependent on the Class. 

Notification requirements for: 

Notification requirements for the contained use of GMOs other than GMMs  

The following link sets out the notification requirements for the first-time use of a premises and for the subsequent contained use of GMOs (i.e. GM plants and/or GM animals).

Note the following points  

  • premises cannot be used for the first time, unless a notification relating to the first-time use has been submitted to the EPA and the EPA has issued a consent in respect of it. 
  • A consent for the first-time use of the premises for a particular class of activity will apply to that class and any lower class of activity.  

For example, a consent issued in respect of a Class 2 GMM contained use activity will also permit the user to use Class 1 GMMs. The user will not be required to submit a separate or new notification in respect of the Class 1 GMM use.  

  • Where a user has obtained consent for a particular class of activity, they will be required to submit a notification and obtain consent in respect of any higher class of activity. 

For example, a Class 2 GMM user will be required to submit a notification to the EPA and obtain consent in respect of any Class 3 GMM use not previously notified. 

Submitting a notification to the EPA  

Send notifications for GMM and GMO contained use activities to


The EPA does not issue invoices. If required, we will issue a letter on EPA headed paper stating the fees involved.

Class of activity  

First-time use of a premises  


Subsequent contained use  


Class 1 GMM 250 0
Class 2 GMM 1,875 625
Class 3 GMM 4,500 1,500
Class 4 GMM 22,500 7,500
GMO (GM plants/GM animals) 0

Role of the EPA  

Once the EPA has received a notification for first-time use of the premises or the subsequent contained use of a GMM and corresponding fee, we will acknowledge receipt of the notification, citing the date on which the notification was received.  

The EPA will issue the user with a GMO Register number (G0XXX-01).  

The EPA will review the notification and grant consent, with or without conditions, or refuse consent.  

The flowchart below provides an overview of the procedure involved in obtaining a consent for the contained use of a GMM/GMO in accordance with the GMO (Contained Use) Regulations 2001-2010. 

Flowchart and timeframes